Mind Mapping as an efficient brain storming tool


One of the very powerful pictorial techniques which allow you to capture the flow of ideas is the Mind Mapping technique. One can organize such information to improve learning and thus promoting clearer thinking. These mind maps are road maps which will enable you to plan, sketch your thoughts and eliminate unnecessary ideas and implement useful thoughts. This is an effective problem solving technique while it creates pathways for you to look and identify a bigger picture.

A mind map can be drawn using a hand. These days you get software to save the costs of paper. The mind mapping software is as good as a sheet of paper where you mark the middle of the sheet with different words, images, symbols that depict your thoughts, goals, problems, ideas, etc. This is known as the central focus. As the ideas emerge you divert them through different branches and sub branches depending upon your judgment or evaluation.

These branches will be added to the main idea and you can capture those ideas which are really useful for the system. Most of the tools for mind maps are linear where you can incorporate one idea at a time and interlink the others. It is a step by step planning utilizing the dynamics of your brain one at a time. This system is one of the best systems which brings out the potential and results in great decision making. It is a self interactive tool which allows your brain to work the way you want thus allowing more ideas and thoughts flowing in.

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